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"an impressively ambitious example of virtuosic musicianship and deft arrangements navigating myriad sounds and styles without ever losing that essential melodic thread or propulsive rock drive." - Jim DeRogatis, NPR's Sound Opinions

"And you thought Chicago was all blues, jazz and working class rock? How about this Zappa inspired date about all the screw balls that live in Obama’s old neighborhood? For those that like it on the Lou Reed side with wildly progressive edges he’d have never touched on, a new time zone can be built right here. Crazy stuff for when you need something over the top with real professional underpinnings." - Midwest Record

"Tautologic is not a band that takes itself seriously. There is certainly some humour in their lyrics and the mood is clearly festive. This does not mean that their playing is not taken seriously though. The musicians involved are all excellent and the performances faultless. The material is song based, but always well supported by very creative instrumentation. Recommended!" - Marc Roy, ProGGnosis

"This is not a “normal” prog band and yet everything about them should appeal to prog-heads. Hints of Chamber Prog slapped up against traditional Symphonic prog elements sounds like a winner to me. I’m giving Re:Psychle a big thumbs up. Check it out." - Jerry Lucky, The Progressive Rock Files

"While Tautologic’s sound is grounded in progressive rock, the lyrics are idiosyncratic and sarcastic, similar in spirit to Frank Zappa’s work and the Canterbury bands. What’s refreshing about Re:Psychle is the fact that Sellers stays true to the progressive music spirit by combining state of the art classic progressive rock with chamber music elements, jazz and other influences such as funk and even unexpected Afrobeat-style brass on one song. […] Re:Psychle is a finely crafted prog rock album that combines meaningful, uninhibited lyrics and first class musicianship." - Angel Romero, Progressive Rock Central

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